Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lord Venkateswara (balaji), most sought after God!!

Lord venkateswara has taken loan from the god of riches kubera so much money for his marriage and pledged that he would be paying off the interest on the loan from the collections of tirupati temple. So, if you pray to Him that you will offer some portion of the money from the doubtful deal , you may get it in such a way that it was possible only through his help and grace. So the devotee , who got such a benefit come and secretly drops millions of money in the donation box. This became a regular feature which became common to common man. But, we have to analyze and learn some thing from this. Though religious gurus say this is not possible, Lord venkateswara, or Tirupathi balaji likes to help his devotees in their business deals . This is possible only through the form of Lord venkateswara of Tirupathi and he is pleased when they visit Him and pay off his portion. No body can command God to be like this way or that way. We have to observe what is happening around and learn about His ways.This balaji temple is in Tirupathi, andhra pradesh, India. It is Vatican city of Hindu religion.
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