Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lord Tirupati Balaji’s Jewel worth Rs 7000 cr is being auctioned by Rudraksha Foundation Society

Gondia: A rare and unique precious gem, known as Gondia Ruby is being auctioned by Rudraksha Foundation Society. It is anticipated that the Jewel may fetch the price of US $ 1.6 Billion and is looking for sponsors and buyers for the same.

Mr. Limaye had found a rare and unique precious gemstone, processed it and became the official owner of the largest Star Ruby (1275cts) (Gondia Ruby). The Jewel has a finished cut with all sides polished and is Hexagonal in shape. It shows SIX RAY STAR on both Cabochon sides.

Mr. Limaye could not cash the jewel and to safeguard the welfare of his family members he donated the rare jewel to Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati Devasthanam in 1998. However, the Trust Board of Tirupati Devasthanam discredited the donor and the jewel instead of accepting the donation.

Mr. Limaye’s feels that the actual owner of the jewel is Tirupati Balaji and which is why he has decided that the money received from the sale will be spent for the welfare of the society in the name of Lord Balaji by Rudraksha Foundation, which is a registered welfare trust.

Gondia Ruby is the officially owned, fully finished largest star ruby in the world. Trustees of Tirupati Devasthanam refused to accept the jewel since last eleven years. Using legal recourse the ownership problem was sorted out and now it is offered for sale. A caveat has been registered on June 8, 2009 after informing the honorable court about the sale.

Once the jewel is sold off it will never reach Tirupati Devasthanam therefore the devotees of Lord Tirupati Balaji are requested to have a look at the video showing the dedicated jewel.
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